Hiya 2014..

This post isn't exactly planned but I wanted to write something to round off the year. 2013 has been a pretty great year.Well the year didn't start off so great with me getting braces at the end of January but I'm just counting down the weeks until I have perfect teeth. Both February and March revolved around a lot of school work and coursework, yay. Except I went to a formal in February with some of my friends which was so so fun!
April was much more exciting, I headed with some of my friends to my friends holiday house at the coast for a few days to chill before exams started the following month. I also celebrated my 17th birthday at the end of April with an amazing cake woo yeah!
Both May and June were full of exams but also a lot of lying about in the sun which NI got a surprising amount of! I also got to see Hairspray the musical which was incredible since it's my all time favourite musical! Summer was about the same, a lot of relaxing and just spending time with friends and family. We also all went to my friends house at the coast again which is always really nice.
For my mum's birthday we went to Dublin to visit some family and went to Dublin Zoo, the weather was amazing!! I also finished the summer off by seeing Avicii live which was crazy!!
Me and a unicorn (it only had one horn)
Many of my friends also started celebrating their 18th birthdays during the summer which has been so exciting but weird at the same time. (4 months and counting) In October I attended my own schools formal which was such a great excuse to wear a great dress and get my hair and makeup done :D
I also dressed up as Amy Winehouse for Halloween hehe
November and December were both pretty chilled which was really nice as school, has been crazy recently. I spent Christmas with all my family and got some amazing presents! And tonight for NYE's I'm spending it with my friends and bringing in the new year the right way!
Ps. I plan on going back to posting once every Sunday in the new year :)
Hope you guys enjoyed this slightly more personal post..
Hope you guys have a great NYE!!
Love, Julie xx


  1. Aw sounds like a good year aha, all the best for 2014!!:))


    1. It was :) Hope you have a great 2014! x

  2. Haha, I just got my braces off, and just got my retainer last night! Have a great 2014!! :D


    1. Jealous! Can't wait until I get mine off! x