Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black, yeah, so this is a bit random but as you know I did a post on a youtuber Sarah Belle a little while ago HERE and have some more coming up so maybe not so random. Rebecca Black is a pretty well known name after shooting into the public eye over 2 years ago thanks to her viral song ‘Friday’..
Friday certainly wasn’t her finest hour but I personally feel she got way too harshly criticised for being a 14 year old girl wanting to do something she loved, I’m sure many of us did stupid things when we were 14 only we were lucky enough not to have it recorded and posted online for all to see. Since then Rebecca has actually been making Youtube videos HERE and I honestly really like them. She does things from covers of songs to random popular videos going about youtube like tag videos. She seems like a really down to earth normal girl who makes funny videos and is just enjoying all the opportunities she has been given since Friday was released.
If you are unaware Rebecca has just released a sequel to Friday, featuring Dave Days, called ‘Saturday’ HERE. I think it’s a really catchy, good to just dance to song. Also look out for all the references to Friday Rebecca makes throughout the song! Many other youtubers appear in the video including Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Lauren Elizabeth and Jennxpenn to name a few. (you should check these guys out too!) I really hope people judge the actually song and not the girl singing it and because it is linked to Friday. I seriously urge you to check out the song and Rebecca’s other videos because she’s such a sweet girl.
Let me know what you think of Rebecca Black?
Have you heard her new song yet?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx

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