Shenae Grimes || 12 Days of Christmas

Shenae Grimes is most famous for her role as Annie Wilson in the hit show 90210, as amazing as her on screen wardrobe is her real sense of style is just as amazing if not better.
Her style is very casual by wearing flowy loose fitted tops and jeans. Shenae also rocks the boho type look with her messyish hair and wearing things such as kimonos. Sometimes she throws in some more glamorous, classic pieces with things such as lace, leather and glitter. Overall Shanea always keeps her look feminine without being too OTT, and follows some trends but putting her own casual type twist on things.

Overall I really love Shenae's style and don't think she's mentioned enough or comended on her fashion choices as often as she should be.

What do you guys think of her style?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


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  2. Thanks so much! Yeah sure sound good! x