Youtuber Style Crush | Alexa Losey

Honestly I really didn’t know what to write about today.. Exams have apparently turned my mind to mush. So I thought I’d delve into a little list of Youtubers I have floating around and choose someone who I want to share with you guys and I found the amazing Alexa Losey.
Alexa is a Youtuber from California who has incredible style. She honestly has found the perfect balance between the Cali style and high end while throwing some quirky pieces into the mix too. Like her leather jacket with leopard print sleeves, amazing.

 Not only does she have such an amazing wardrobe she’s just generally a beautiful person, has anyone else noticed how she looks like Angelina Jolie’s long lost sister? Alexa’s Youtube videos are some of my favourite and if you haven’t I seriously suggest you check her out HERE.

Which Youtubers do you like? Or who's style have you been crushing on lately, Youtuber or not?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx 


Matte Nails

I know a couple of months ago matte nail polish really took off and isn't such a big thing anymore. However I've recently began liking it a lot more again and after just painting my nails with Barry M's 'Mushroom' and applying my BeautyUK matte top coat I decided to write a quick post about it.
  I think mixing matte and glossy nail polish of the same colour is really interesting and can play up just plain coloured nails. Like shown above a simple way is by using the same colour to do a french manicure but make one part matte and the other glossy. Or could go one step further and do something like tiger print.

 What are your thoughts on matte nails?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


Celebrity Style Crush | Whitney Port

I thought I would share with you guys another person’s style who I love but never really realise just how much. Whitney Port starred in The Hills before getting her own spin-off show, The City. While on The Hills I always thought she seemed super sweet and had a really cute sense of style but was over shadowed by of course LC. (I’ve actually already done a post on her HERE.) Today I wanted to show Whitney some love and show some of my favourite outfits of hers. Her style is quite casual and comfy, mixing different textures and sometimes prints. She also wears flats mostly day to day as she is a model and crazy tall. (And has crazy long legs, jel.)


What do you think of Whitney's style?
What outfit in this post is your favourite?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx
'I have to believe in myself. I have to be my biggest advocate or I would crumble.'
- Whitney Port                                 


Real Techniques' Brushes

Today I thought I would do another review for you guys on much loved products, the Real Techniques brushes. The starer set to be exact.
Apologies for having to use pictures of the brushes from online since I have already used mine as I got too excited and couldn’t wait until I had photographed them.. sorry..
Buying makeup brushes can get pretty damn expensive especially when you’re younger and don’t have a lot of disposable income but Real Techniques brushes are definitely on the cheaper end but are still incredible quality. I’ve had my eye on the starter set for a long time and finally asked for it for Christmas, I was especially excited to try the deluxe crease brush for concealer as so many youtubers rave about that brush in particular and it was a lot smaller than me using my expert face brush to try and blend my concealer on an everyday basis. The set in general definitely did not disappoint.
The set includes: deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush, pixel-pint eyeliner brush and the eyebrow brush.
It also comes in a super handy carry case that folds into a stand with extra room for some other brushes.
 My 2 definite favourites so far are the deluxe crease brush and the eyebrow brush. Like I imagined the crease brush is perfect for blending out concealer anywhere on the face but is still really great and placing colour in the crease and applying a highlight colour to my brow bone I found. My previous eyebrow brush I thought I really liked, I didn't really think a different brush would make that much difference but oh baby was I wrong. This eyebrow brush is incredible, you have so much control and can place the colour exactly where you want it to go but doesn't make your eyebrows look stupid or too drawn on.
If you're starting out with makeup or just want to build your collection of brushes seriously check out Real Techniques, this set was £21.99 which for 5 brushes compared to places like MAC is amazing!
I also got the sponge from the collection which I may do a post on once I've really used it to see just how I like it to apply foundation.
What brush brand is your favourite?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx
Ps. If you'd like to see how I store my makeup brushes I did a post HERE.