Hiya 2014..

This post isn't exactly planned but I wanted to write something to round off the year. 2013 has been a pretty great year.Well the year didn't start off so great with me getting braces at the end of January but I'm just counting down the weeks until I have perfect teeth. Both February and March revolved around a lot of school work and coursework, yay. Except I went to a formal in February with some of my friends which was so so fun!
April was much more exciting, I headed with some of my friends to my friends holiday house at the coast for a few days to chill before exams started the following month. I also celebrated my 17th birthday at the end of April with an amazing cake woo yeah!
Both May and June were full of exams but also a lot of lying about in the sun which NI got a surprising amount of! I also got to see Hairspray the musical which was incredible since it's my all time favourite musical! Summer was about the same, a lot of relaxing and just spending time with friends and family. We also all went to my friends house at the coast again which is always really nice.
For my mum's birthday we went to Dublin to visit some family and went to Dublin Zoo, the weather was amazing!! I also finished the summer off by seeing Avicii live which was crazy!!
Me and a unicorn (it only had one horn)
Many of my friends also started celebrating their 18th birthdays during the summer which has been so exciting but weird at the same time. (4 months and counting) In October I attended my own schools formal which was such a great excuse to wear a great dress and get my hair and makeup done :D
I also dressed up as Amy Winehouse for Halloween hehe
November and December were both pretty chilled which was really nice as school, has been crazy recently. I spent Christmas with all my family and got some amazing presents! And tonight for NYE's I'm spending it with my friends and bringing in the new year the right way!
Ps. I plan on going back to posting once every Sunday in the new year :)
Hope you guys enjoyed this slightly more personal post..
Hope you guys have a great NYE!!
Love, Julie xx


S&G Soaper Heroes

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and ate as much chocolate as I did, oh boy. I wanna share with you guys a bath/shower set I got out of many, that I particularly love. It is the Soap & Glory Soaper Heroes (good pun lol) set, contains minis of their best selling products. It includes Girligo Scented Moisturising Body Mist, The Righteous Butter,(which I've mentioned before way back HERE) Flake Away Body Scrub, Clean On Me Skin Softening Shower Gel and finally a holy grail product for many Hand Food Hand Cream.
All these products have the signature S&G scent which is incredible, if you've never smelt it I seriously advise you to go to your nearest Boots now and give them a sniff!
I wanted to let you guys know about the amazing set in case you wanna pick some bath stuff up in the sales, I highly recommend this! Also if you've never tried Soap & Glory this would be a great way of testing out a wide range of their best products before you buy a full size.
What is you favourite S&G product?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


Black on Black on Black || 12 Days of Christmas

Like I mentioned in my previous post HERE, I don't paritcularly wear a lot of colour and I dont think that's necessarily a bad thing. I wanted to share with you guys how you can wear all black and still look incredibe and make a statement. Sometimes I think people believe to be remembered they need to do something wacky or out of the ordinary to catch people attention but I don't agree at all. I like to look good but still be comfotable in what I'm wearing without feeling like a clown or people are staring for the wrong reasons.

Blake Lively
                          Vanessa Hudgens            Chloe Grace Moretz            Caroline Flack
                                                                   Millie Mackintosh
When wearing all one colour remember to include different textures to not make it look so boring. Both Millie and Vanessa wear fur which instantely makes the entire outfit more interesting. And Chloe and Blake both wear leather bottoms which acts in the same way, making the outfit make more of a statement. Blake also adds a scarf to one of her looks which adds more texture and layers to the overall look. Caroline shows off her legs and plays it up which slightly sheer sleeves to her playsuit. Chloe also has a beautiful cut out in her top.
It's also nice to see a mixture of casual and dressy, more glamorous outfits by just using the colour black.

Which of the looks is your favourite?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


LoveLaurenElizabeth || 12 Days of Christmas

A little while ago I wrote a post on the Youtuber SarahBelle93x HERE who’s style I really loved and that’s what I decided to do again today only this time it’s about Lauren Elizabeth’s style.
Lauren is a 20 year old Youtuber (LoveLaurenElizabeth) from Chicago now living in LA. She has a pretty damn successful channel and also works with other channels including Awesomenesstv. Laurens style is such a perfect mix of classic, grungy and slightly boho. Why I find her so relatable is because she doesn’t buy lots of cheap items from places like Forever21 and only wear them once, she has gradually built a wardrobe including lots of pieces that can inter change with each other and make so many different looks and outfits.
One of Lauren's most recent looks and one of my favourites.

 As you can tell from the photos she doesn’t wear colour all too often but neither do I and she shows so many different ways to wear all the same colour yet incorporate textures and patterns to make the overall look appealing. If you have never checked out Lauren’s channel here are a few links to some of her best fashion videos in my opinion.
Ps. Also check out Lauren's other videos on depression and bullying as she's also very wise fo her age and has some great advice. She's not only a fashion inspiration to me, shes just an inspirational person in general who I look up to.
Pps. Check out her brother Hudson's channel too, TukieLuth! He makes super funny videos that I promise, won't fail to make you laugh.
What yotuber's style do you loo up to?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


Divergent || 12 Days of Christmas

A little while ago I did a post HERE of The Hunger Games book series and my thoughts on it and it seemed to go down well so I decided to do another post on a book series I love even more. Divergent.
If you have never heard of Divergent it is, again a science fiction trilogy set in a dystopian version of Chicago. Chicago is slip into 5 factions each representing a different human charateristic. The story is mainly based around a 16 year old girl named Beatrice Prior and it follows her decisions whether to stay with her family or leave and find her true self. Of course there is a little romance thrown in when Beatrice meets Four, her myterious yet protective trainer during the initiation. Obviously there are many twists and turns thrown in as the book is very fast paced and there's always something going on. Overall the book is about bringing down a corrupt government while Beatrice tries to find her true self and come to terms with the fact she doesn't belong in one fation but is in fact Divergent which is something completely different and unique.
I decided to re read the books last week as the trailer for the first movie has been released HERE and reminded me just how incredible the books are. Also as I still haven't read the 3rd installment and I'm patiencely waiting for Christmas when I can finally finish it! If you have never read this trilogy I strongly advise you to check it out!
Have you ever read Divergent? What did you think?
Hope you guy enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


Festive Nails || 12 Days of Christmas

So, I pretty much suck at blogging everyday, was so busy yesterday after school I didn't have time to get anything up, sorry guys!!
Anyway I thought I would share my favourite festive nails look I've come up with this year. It includes one of my favourite nail polishes of all time, Barry M's 'Raspberry'. And some Models Own glitter polishes.
As you can see when I wear glitter on my nails I only like to put it on the ring finger and thumb as accent nails. I first put on 2 coats of Barry M's 'Raspberry' to ensure a really opaque colour and base. Next I take the Models Own glitter polish 'Southern Lights' and apply this to the top half of my nail, then continue it until almost the bottom but a lot lighter so it looks like it's fading away. The chunkier glitter is Models Own 'Blizzard' and I apply this to the very top of my nails. I use both the fine and chunky glitter in  this order to create an almost gradiate effect.
What do you guys think of this look?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


Shenae Grimes || 12 Days of Christmas

Shenae Grimes is most famous for her role as Annie Wilson in the hit show 90210, as amazing as her on screen wardrobe is her real sense of style is just as amazing if not better.
Her style is very casual by wearing flowy loose fitted tops and jeans. Shenae also rocks the boho type look with her messyish hair and wearing things such as kimonos. Sometimes she throws in some more glamorous, classic pieces with things such as lace, leather and glitter. Overall Shanea always keeps her look feminine without being too OTT, and follows some trends but putting her own casual type twist on things.

Overall I really love Shenae's style and don't think she's mentioned enough or comended on her fashion choices as often as she should be.

What do you guys think of her style?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


Stackable Rings || 12 Days of Christmas

Wearing multiple rings has been a big trend now for a while and something I really love. I don’t tend to wear much other jewellery except for statement necklaces or thin chocker type necklaces so I really feel I can get away with layering rings. I personally prefer gold jewellery but recently have been getting more into silver and have really been loving a darker gun mental type finish. These are a handful of my favourites and how I like to wear some of them.

Miss.Selfridge do such nice dainty rings but can be a little pricey for what they are but if you wait until they’re on sale you can get amazing deals. H&M is a really great place for trendy pieces of jewellery as it’s so affordable but they don’t fall apart or look cheap. I also like to mix in some chunkier cocktail type rings to make it not look so casual.
What jewellery do you prefer to wear?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


Texturising Hair Products || 12 Days of Christmas

Hope you's are all having a lovely run up to Christmas and to anyone still at school, hopefully you'e like me and only have to wait until the end of the week until you're free again :)
(Apologies in advance for the not so up to scratch photographs here, the lighting was super weird but I'm hoping since the colours don't matter too much you's will forgive me, please..)
Anyway today I thought I'd let you guy's know about som of my favourite hair products.
I struggle with my hair, a lot. I have naturally very straight and flat hair and have trouble adding texture without using heat and volume. These are just a few products that I’ve found have helped improve my hair and the best news, they’re all inexpensive (around the £5 or less) and can be bought from Boots/Superdrug! Woo yeah.
The first product is Batiste Dry Shampoo in XXL Volume, something that many people have already raved about. I’m a bit late to try this as I only picked this up a few weeks ago but I can say I absolutely love it! I don’t so much use this as a dry shampoo as I wash my hair everyday without fail which I know isn’t very good for it but it’s a bad habit that needs to be broken. Although as a texturising type product it is great, also adds volume to my hair without backcombing. If I do decide to backcomb my hair I think it holds it better than hairspray, also a great alternative to hairspray if you don’t like your hair feeling crunchy. One downfall is it can leave a slight white residue so next time I’ll definitely pick up the one for brunettes instead.
The next product s VO5’s Extreme Style Surf Style Texturising Sea Salt Spray (wow). As you might be able to tell from the photos it’s on its last legs, I think I may have one or two more uses out of this. I seriously love this stuff. A lot of the time I sleep with my hair in a French plait to add texture to it but I still like to brush my hair when I take it out. As you can probably guess this make my hair go veryyyy static so spray a little bit of this in gets rid of the frizz and makes the waves look more natural and not so perfect. Also if you have some natural movement to your hair this will help enhance it and hold it all day.
Lastly is my trusty teasing brush from Boots. I don’t know what I can really day about a brush other than this is so great at creating volume in my hair and is quick to do with better lasting power than if it was done with a normal comb. Also great if you have particularly frizzy or lots of baby hairs when doing something like a ponytail as it really smoothes everything down and makes for a really finished and polished look
What products do you like to use in your hair?
Hop you gys enjoyed this post!
Love, Julie xx


Gossip Girl || 12 Days of Christmas

Morning Upper East-Siders… Like every other girl in existent I am a hugeeeee Gossip Girl fan, although I was extremely late to climb upon this bandwagon. Gossip Girl is a cult classic and if somehow you don’t know what it is or have never caught an episode let me fill you somewhat in: the show revolves around 5 main characters who are Manhattans elite socialites. Gossip Girl is, as the name suggests, a gossip site which reports on all scandal relating to these 5 throughout their latter years in high school onto them beginning they journey into adult hood. There are many other characters in the show but it always leads back to the core 5. The main thing I’ve picked up from the show is the incredible fashion, in this post I want to only scrap the surface of some of my favourite looks from the seasons. This may lead to many re watching all seasons on Netflix during the upcoming gloomy whether but hey, when there’s nothing better to do why not pine over Chuck Bass and dream of having a closet a fraction of how fabulous Blair Waldorfs is one day.


 Do you have an all time favourite look from the show?
And who do you think has the best wardrobe over all?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
(You know you love me ;))
XO XO, Julie