The Hunger Games

So yes I am aware I am a little late jumping onto this band wagon but better late than never, right? So like many other people I have developed quite a large obsession with The Hunger Games… This may seem like a little bit of a weird and rambly post but I need to vent my feelings towards this rather magnificent triology somewhere!
I’m letting you know now beforehand that this post may include some spoilers so I would advise you to stop reading if you are currently reading the books and don’t want to spoil it for yourself (you have been warned!)
Please give me some feed back on these points I am going to mention so I know  I’m not the only crazy person who feels so strongly about them or if I am just a very hard person to please…
This may be an extreme comment to make but – anyone else disappointed with the ending..? Don’t get me wrong it was an amazing trilogy but, seriously, it deserved a better, much more descriptive ending in my opinion?
And honestly I was truly heart broken when Finnick was killed, it was so sudden then forgotten about when I felt he became a character the reader connected with so much.. Then as if that wasn’t enough heart ache, Prim being killed.. I almost couldn’t contain my anger when this happened!
Personally I also didn’t like that Gale and Katniss’ mother just left and we never really heard what happened to them at the end. Overall though – and minus these few heart breaking moments, the books are now, without a doubt, the best books I have ever read and it will be very hard in my opinion for anything else to ever beat them. As long as the movies stay true to the books and they do as good a job at casting the other characters as they did in the first movie (Josh Hutcherson <3) then I believe I could now have my new favourite movies of all time too!
If you haven’t already read the books and STRONGLY advise you to do so as I promise that you will not be disappointed.
Only 1 year and 2 months to wait until Catching Fire hits the cinemas!
Are you as excited for it as I am?
Love, Julie x


Simple Skincare Moisturisers

Today I thought I'd let you guys know about some products which have really helped my skin.About 5 months ago I started using a lot of the Simple Skincare range and it has really changed my skin for the better.
First I'll tell you a little about my skin type, I have extremely dry skin and I can sometimes get gross, dry, flakey patches on my face. I don't have particularly bad spot-prone skin but I do break out every now and then.
In this post I am just going to talk about the moisturisers I have tried. I switched to Simples Kind to Skin, Vital Vitamin Day and Night Cream a while back and since then I haven't had any dry patches and some of the redness around my nose and cheeks has gone away!
The day cream is great as it sinks into my skin super quick but it still leaves my skin feeling hydrated. Whereas the nigth cream claims to 'restore and replenish skin throughout the night' which I totally think it does! You can feel it on your skin for a lot longer than the day cream.
About 2 weeks ago I repurchased the night cream but I tried a new day cream. I decided to try the Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser and so far I really like it. The consistency isn't as thick as the other day cream but it still does a good job at moisturising my skin.

The Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Day/ Night Cream both retail for £5.60 each
The Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser retails for £3.79
But all Simple Skincare is currently on 3 for 2 in Boots

Let me know if you guys have ever tried any of the Simple Skincare
Also keep a look out for other posts coming on other products in the Simple Skincare range.
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie x


Statement Stud Earrings

Recently I have a new found obsession and that is large stud earrings! I personally like the look of dangle earrings but I don’t like to wear them everyday so large studs are just as eye catching as dangle earrings but look a lot more casual and are great for everyday wear.
 This first pair are large white triangles which I thought would be great in the fall with other colours like burgundy and mustards. They were from Dorothy Perkins and were originally £5 but were reduced to £2 (bargain!)
I got this second pair for my birthday last year but I believe they were from NV probably for about £3. I like these during the summer as they fit in with the whole nautical theme that is always a huge trend each year.
The silvery/gunmetal coloured flower studs are from Primark and it was a 2 pack for £1.50. I like wearing these with quite a plain outfit as I feel like they add a lot.
The last pair are lilac triangles, also from Dorothy Perkins and were originally £4 but, again were reduced to just £1!!  I’ve probably worn these most out of all of the earrings as I think they are the perfect size. And since they aren’t one solid colour I feel they go with more things and don’t make as much of a statement.
I have also fallen in love with wearing my hair in a top nought and wearing large stud earrings. It looks like you put so much effort into your hair but really it takes 2 seconds and the large earrings make the whole thing look so put together!
What are your thoughts on large stud earrings?
Hope you guys enjoyed this!
Love, Julie x


Loving: Soap and Glory, The Righteous Butter

Up until recently I still had never owned any Soap and Glory products (I know shocking right?) But when my mum heard they were on 3 for 2 in Boots she went a bit crazy and decided to treat me and got my some things, yay! For one of the products, I decided to choose The Righteous Butter as I have extremely dry skin and this seemed like a great body butter.
I was totally right! The body butter includes softening shea butter and aloe vera which makes my skin feel wonderfully hydrated without leaving a greasy feel on my skin so you can definitely put this on in the morning and not worry about putting clothes on straight afterwards. It also has Soap and Glorys signature Pink fragrance which lingers on your skin for the whole day!
After having a shower I put the body butter on while my skin is still slightly damp as it helps it sink into the skin and locks in the moisture form the water.
For a 300ml tub from Boots it costs £10.50 which I know some people may find a bit expensive but Soap and Glory is regularly on a 3 for 2 offer and around Christmas time Soap and Glory do great gift sets!
I definitely recommend this body moisturizer if you have dry skin or just want something a little more luxurious with a great smelling scent.

Keep your eyes peeled for more reviews on other Soap and Glory products I have tried and loved!
Let me know if yous recommend any Soap and Glory products or any other great body butters!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Love, Julie x


How I Dip-Dyed My Hair Pink!

So for my first official beauty related post I thought I would talk about how I dip-dyed my hair! I decided to colour the ends of my hair pink for the summer, this is great way to make your hair super fun and colourful for summer but is easy to cut out once you get bored with it or need to go back to school :’(
I have dark hair so I decided to bleach my hair first but for a more subtle look you can just apply the coloured dye directly onto your hair if it is dark.
I bought a pack of 5 sachets of powder bleach from superdrug for £3.99 then the cream peroxide to mix with it for £1.69. I spilt my hair into a middle parting and plaited both sides then tied my hair with a hair tie where I wanted the dye to stop. I then applied the bleach and covered it with tinfoil. I found the easiest way the apply the bleach was by using an old comb to make sure I covered my entire hair with the dye.
After around 40minutes I rinsed the bleach out of my hair and towel dried it so it was still partly damp. My hair wasn’t completely blonde, more of a yellowy/blonde but I was too impatient to wait the entire hour but I knew the pink dye would cover it so it wasn’t a problem! At this stage I took my hair out of the plaits and put my hair back into its normal parting so I could see if I wanted to dye any higher pieces around my face.
After all the bleach was finished I split my hair into 2 low pony tails (so it was easier to work with) and applied the pink dye anywhere that was blonde. I found this part was easiest just using my hand with a glove on to make sure I got every bit of hair with the pink dye. The pink dye I used was by a brand called Paint Box and was in the colour ‘pretty flamingo', it was £8.95 and I purchased it from a hair dressers called Trade Secret. I then wrapped my hair in tinfoil again and left the dye on for around 15 minutes. I simply washed my hair after the time and dried it as usual.
If you would like anymore information on how I dip-dyed my hair leave comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.
Hope you guys enjoyed this!
Love, Julie x 


And so it begins...


So yeah, I thought I’d make my very first post here a little introduction to who I am and what this blog will be about.
I’m Julie, I'm 16 and live in the Uk. I started this blog to share with everyone my love for everything fashion and beauty related as I may have a little bit of an obsession (sorry I’m not sorry!)
I will be posting things like OOTDs, NOTD’s, reviews and perhaps other more random posts on things I’ve just generally been loving!(Books or TV shows I've been loving)
So stay tuned for some fun and interesting posts to come!!
Love, Julie x