Gossip Girl || 12 Days of Christmas

Morning Upper East-Siders… Like every other girl in existent I am a hugeeeee Gossip Girl fan, although I was extremely late to climb upon this bandwagon. Gossip Girl is a cult classic and if somehow you don’t know what it is or have never caught an episode let me fill you somewhat in: the show revolves around 5 main characters who are Manhattans elite socialites. Gossip Girl is, as the name suggests, a gossip site which reports on all scandal relating to these 5 throughout their latter years in high school onto them beginning they journey into adult hood. There are many other characters in the show but it always leads back to the core 5. The main thing I’ve picked up from the show is the incredible fashion, in this post I want to only scrap the surface of some of my favourite looks from the seasons. This may lead to many re watching all seasons on Netflix during the upcoming gloomy whether but hey, when there’s nothing better to do why not pine over Chuck Bass and dream of having a closet a fraction of how fabulous Blair Waldorfs is one day.


 Do you have an all time favourite look from the show?
And who do you think has the best wardrobe over all?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
(You know you love me ;))
XO XO, Julie