LoveLaurenElizabeth || 12 Days of Christmas

A little while ago I wrote a post on the Youtuber SarahBelle93x HERE who’s style I really loved and that’s what I decided to do again today only this time it’s about Lauren Elizabeth’s style.
Lauren is a 20 year old Youtuber (LoveLaurenElizabeth) from Chicago now living in LA. She has a pretty damn successful channel and also works with other channels including Awesomenesstv. Laurens style is such a perfect mix of classic, grungy and slightly boho. Why I find her so relatable is because she doesn’t buy lots of cheap items from places like Forever21 and only wear them once, she has gradually built a wardrobe including lots of pieces that can inter change with each other and make so many different looks and outfits.
One of Lauren's most recent looks and one of my favourites.

 As you can tell from the photos she doesn’t wear colour all too often but neither do I and she shows so many different ways to wear all the same colour yet incorporate textures and patterns to make the overall look appealing. If you have never checked out Lauren’s channel here are a few links to some of her best fashion videos in my opinion.
Ps. Also check out Lauren's other videos on depression and bullying as she's also very wise fo her age and has some great advice. She's not only a fashion inspiration to me, shes just an inspirational person in general who I look up to.
Pps. Check out her brother Hudson's channel too, TukieLuth! He makes super funny videos that I promise, won't fail to make you laugh.
What yotuber's style do you loo up to?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


  1. Such a lovely outfits doll !! Would you like to follow each other :) xx