Youtube Style Crush | MarissaLace

These Youtube style crush posts have been something I've been doing for a while since I'm quite the avid youtube watcher.
Here are so of my previous posts:
Today I wanted to introduce you guys to MarissaLace. On all my other Youtube Style Crush posts I've focused mainly on their style and why I love it whereas I just want to focus on Marissa as a person.
Marissa is 21 and from California. She was primarily a 'beauty guru' but recently made the change to more of a lifestyle type channel and now often posts fitness and health related vids. Not only is she trained in all things hair and beauty (after recently graduating beauty school) so she actually knows what she's talking about she's a sassy queen with lots of personality.
Marissa's videos are full of her down to earth, incredible personality which makes them hilarious to watch no matter what shes talking about. Although her vlogs show this on a whole new level (TheDailyMarissalace) Marissa's vlog channel is by far my favourite along with her advice videos.
She's an incredibly refreshing face to see especially within the beauty community on youtube, she comes across 100% true and genuinely and that she's just being herself. Marissa's also really into thinking positive and going after what you want. She posts a lot of inspiration quotes on instagram and twitter and it's always good to be surrounded by people like that even if it is on social media. (btw she followed me on twitter not too long ago and it made my week!)
Marissa just seems like a seriously sweet, lovely person who makes great videos which are pleasure to watch. If you haven't already, check out some of her vids and I promise you won't be disappointed, she deserves a hell of a lot more subscribers than she has!
Ps. Eat. Breath. Bronze.
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


Recent Cinema Trips | Mini Movie Reviews

Wait, what's this? 2 posts in one week.. crazy!
Recently I have actually went to the cinema a lot which is very strange as I rarely go and normally wait for the DVDs.However there has been a tonne of movies I have seriously wanted to see and it's a great excuse to meet up with friends now that I've finished school.
 Firstly, after planning on seeing Maleficent but it being sold out, me and a friend decided to see Bad Neighbours as everyone had raved about it and it seemed pretty damn funny. And we were right. It's a pretty typical comedy with a silly storyline and a great cast. Would definitely watch it again and laugh just as much, highly recommend for a super easy, chill watch. Also a bonus that it revolves around Zefron and Dave Franco as frat boys...
 After waiting another week we finally got to see Maleficent and boy was it worth the wait. If you don't know Maleficent is about telling her side of the story and what drove her to do what she did to Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty. The movie 100% lived up to the hype it created. Not only was the storyline amazing, shocking and seriously emotional but Angelina Jolie did a flawless job and looked incredible. Would honestly go see it again just for her acting.
 Finally, I just got back from seeing The Fault In Our Stars and wow. I sadly haven't read the book yet but I wanted to experience the movie while it was still in the cinema. Although I was pretty pumped having watched just about everything relating to it online beforehand... I really don't know how to express my feelings towards this movie yet. The casting to begin with is exceptional, I'm not just talking about for Hazel and Gus, but all the characters I really loved and thought everyone just did an excellent job. It's the perfect mixture of humour, (Issac is hilarious) heart ache and sweetness all rolled into one. If for some reason you don't plan on seeing this movie you seriously must, it's now up there as one of my favourites and trust me its been a longggg time since a new movie has made it as one of my favs.
 Oh and the soundtrack is such a great, chill listen, check it out for sure.
Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think?
What movie's have you been loving recently?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


School Days Are Over

This is a little bit different to my normal posts as it's a little bit more personal. At the end of April I had my very last day of school before getting off to study or my exams. If you didn't know I was in my final year of sixth form completing my A Levels. I'm officially free for the first time in 14 odd years and it was a great feeling to say the least. I just wanted to somewhat document it and maybe this will be a slightly informative post to anyone leaving school next year or at the very least you'll enjoy what I have to say.
Although many people hate school, trust me I wasn't a huge lover of it, overall it wasn't a horrible experience. Looking back it's crazy just how much growing up and changing you actually do even just from year to year.(Don't get me wrong I'm not saying I'm super mature and adult just saying I've definitely learnt some life lessons.) The main piece of advice I can give is don't leave school holding any grudges against people, clearing the air is a serious must. I'm not saying you have to be best friends or anything just putting any sourness aside and forgetting about it certainly made my final few weeks much more enjoyable and less awkward. And believe me this is coming from someone who can seriously hold a grudge haha.
Looking back at old photographs to show on the last day infront of everyone made me realise just how many weird and cringey hair cuts and phases I went through. The best part is no one can judge too much since everyone went through them. Teenage years are a time to experiment and try and discover who you really are which means you're going to make some questionable fashion choices.
Another thing I learnt as I got older throughout school is that giving people a second chance and not judging people by rumours you've perhaps heard is something you should seriously do. My year group were extremely cliquey when we were much younger but as the years progressed everyone started mingling with others and I made some great friends even in my final year just because I'd never spoke to some people before. Deciding not to go with my prejudice feelings with some people and just making an effort to get to know them certainly changed my mind towards some people.
Overall I really enjoyed my final year of school. Although A levels involve some serious work it was all worth it. My final day was a lot more emotional than I initially thought, many tears were shed but it was an amazing day!! And the party afterwards was pretty fab too..
Make the most of every opportunity especially in your last year because time seriously flies.. omg I sound like a wee granny..
Well this turned into a weird rant just involving all my thoughts thrown onto a page haha
Hope you guys somewhat enjoyed this?
Love, Julie xx


Current Favourites | Beauty

 Today I wanna share with you guys the beauty products I'm currently loving and I highly suggest you check out!
The first product I wanna talk about is the Maybelline BigEyes Volum'Express Waterproof mascara. This is a pretty new release from Maybelline and I was skeptical to try it as I wasn't a fan of the original The Falsies mascara.(I know unpopular opinion) However I seriously love this! I actually just went and repurchased it today which I never really do with mascara. It has a bristle kind of brush as well as a smaller mascara wand to help coat all your lower lashes with mascara. It has great lasting power and applies so beautifully, I can get my eyelashes to almost look fake if I curl them before applying this!
The next product I want to talk about is Benefit's Brow Zings brow Shaping Kit. I'm a huge fan of the bold brow kind of look that's very popular at the minute. Before I was just using a dark brown eye shadow to fill in my brows but decided to ask for this brow kit for my birthday and it certainly hasn't disappointed. It fills my brows in perfectly, stays in place all day long and the actual products are really easy to use! If you are looking for something new to use on your brows I seriously suggest you pick this up. 

My final beauty related item I have been loving recently is white nail polish. It's a great alternative to the classic black nails for the summer time. I was obsessed with it last year and was pretty much the only colour I wore on my nails last summer and I'm loving it again this year. The one I picked up last month was just this Rimmel London 60 Seconds in 703 White Hot Love from the Rita Ora collection. There isn't much I can say other than is paint super opaque and evenly and dries super fast too. 

Would you guys like to see what clothing items I've been obsessed with are?
Also what products have you been loving recently?
Love, Julie xx