Everyday Makeup | Festive Twist

I thought I'd share a super simple makeup look with you guys that's perfect to pair with any dark or bold lip colour for this time of year. I personally like to wear this during the day since it's light eye makeup and I usually wear a smokey eye at night timeout you do you! You could also wear this for a festive party maybe with some winged liner!
I started by doing just my standard face makeup and filling in my eyebrows which I don't change on a daily basis. Next I took my Urban Decay Naked palette which I use most days to do my eyes. From the palette I mixed the 2 lightest colours 'virgin' and 'sin' and applied that all over my lids. This just really brightens up my eyes. Next I took 'buck' and blended that through my crease to add some shape and depth. 'Buck' is such a perfect crease shade, I tend to use it in almost all my looks as it just blends everything together so so well. 
Finally instead of using an eyeliner I decided to take the darkest colour 'creep' on an angled brush and run it along my lash line then blend over it with a fluffy brush. This is a lot quicker than using a liquid liner but still add some definition and makes your lashes look fuller. With that same fluffy brush I just go over the whole eye and make sure everything's blended together. 
Then I curled my lashes and applied some of my absolute favourite masacra, the Maybelline Big Eyes Volum'Express in waterproof. This holds a curl perfectly and stays on all day long. For everyday I don't normally wear bottom mascara just because I like to keep it very minimal and keep my under eyes very clean and awake looking. 
Then for my lips I used a favourite amoung all beauty euthanuas', it's MAC's 'Diva' lipstick. This is a beautiful deep matte red shade which is quite vampy. It stays on really well for being such a dark colour and considering it's a matte formula it isn't overly drying on the lips. I mentioned before on another post but I good dupe for this lipstick is Rimmel London's lip liner in 063 'Black Tulip', it's a much cheaper alternative! 

What is your go to lip colour for this time of year?
Hope you guys enioyed!
Love, Julie xx

(Ps, sorry for the crappy photos, my laptops been broke for a while so unable to use my camera for pictures and having to use my phone camera.. Hopefully it'll be sorted soon..)


Quick Festive Nails | imPress Manicure

Just a little nail help here. I've always been big into nail polish, I own a lot but I've recently started to dabble with false nails a little more and I'm loving it. I tried these Impress press on manicure nails and was pleasantly surpirsed. 
'Rated R'
'Peach Shimmer'
When I thought of press on nails I saw the crappy little bits of plastic I had when I was younger that popped off after 10 minutes when I tried to lift something. These nails stay on super well even while I'm working wih jewellery and clasps all day and look like professional gel nails! I thought they were the perfect fix for your nails especially at this time of year if you have somewhere fancy to go or just want to feel a little but more polished and finished than usual. They take only a few minutes to apply and you don't have to wait around for nail polish to dry and pray it doesn't smudge while you're getting ready. They also come in some really cool designs and from tonnes of brands which I'll definitely be picking up! The 2 I show here are normally £5.99 and £7.99 for the glitter ones which is a little pricey to be wearing them all the time but a nice pamper every so often without the price tag of getting them done professionally. 

Have you tried any press on nails before?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie  xx


TAG | You're It

Can you really believe it's December, Christmas is now just round the corner! *internal screaming*
I really wanted to post something today but not have it relate to Christmas so I found a tag that I saw  TooClothesForComfort write not too long ago and really liked, so here's mine! (Ps you should definitely check out her blog she does fantastic posts!)

1. What is the product you've wanted for the longest time? 
Hm probably Nars Laguna bronzer or a Nars duo eyeshadow. Nars is so difficult to get hold of near me and I hate ordering makeup online! 

2. If you had to wear only one foundation for the rest of your life, which would it be?
Definitely Revlon Colourstay for normal/dry skin. It sits perfect on my skin, gives amazing coverage and is such a great price!

3. Your house is burning down, which product do you grab first?
Of couse if my house was burning down I probably wouldn't be thinking about my makeup but in the back of my mind I would definitely be wanting to save my Urban Decay original Naked palette. If I ever lost it I would repurchase it instantly.

4. What is your lastest 'empty' product?
Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser, it's been my staple moisturiser for a while now.

5. What quote(s) do you live by?
'A tiger doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep' came to mind but there's probably another.

6. If you could only buy makeup from one brand, which brand would it be?
Oooh I feel like recently for drugstore makeup Maybelline has really been on top for me. Overall though no one brand comes to mind, still have a lot of makeup and brands to try out!

7. Which type of beauty products do you buy the most of? 
Without a doubt lip products! Brands are always coming out wih new lip crayons and stains etc that I want to see how they work! 

8. How long have you been wearing makeup for?
Hm probably around 5 years, since I was about 13 which looking back was pretty young.. 

9. If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?
100% a unicorn, no doubt about it. They're just fabulous.

I'm not gonna tag anyone specific but feel free to do these questions! Let me know if you do decide to do this tag I'd love to read it!

Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx