My Go-To Smokey Eye

After posting my 'Everyday Summer Makeup Routine' and getting such a good response I though I would follow with my ‘go to smokey eye’. When I go out with my friends I tend to always end up doing this look as it never fails me, always looks pretty damn good and doesn’t fade or smudge throughout the night.
 The first thing I use to ensure all my shadow stays in the right place is a cream shadow, this is the Rimmel London Stir It Up shadow in ‘800 No Way!’. I apply this light grey shimmery colour all over my lid. It’s a great base to apply all my other colours on top of.
Next I take this Colortrend duo in ‘Snow Storm’ and apply the grey colour on the outer 2/3’s of my lid. I keep the inner corner and part of the lid free of dark colours as I want my eyes to still look open and bright.
 Now to add some definition to my eye I take my MUA individual shadow in 'Shade 15', which is a matte black and apply it to my crease and blend it over the outer 1/3 of my lid. This also darkens the whole outer half of my eyes. I personally like having a matte black shadow in individual form so its easy to travel with to add definition to any look or to use in place of liner. I highly recommend this MUA one as its only £1 and it extremely pigmented.
 To add that brightness to the inner part of my eyes I take this MeMeMe metallic duo in ‘2 Champagne Rose’, I apply the shimmery/frosty light champagne colour to the inner part of the eye and blend it with the grey colour. Also to highlight under my brow I take the white colour from the Colortrend duo, since it’s matte and I personally don’t like a shimmery brow highlight.
Now for liner. Since the shadows are all very blended and smudgey I like to use my L'oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer in ‘Black Vinyl’ to do a thin line just along my lash line to add fullness to my lashes. I love this liner, its super black and easy to use! Definitely check it out if you haven’t or are looking for a new inexpensive liquid liner. For my lower lashes I take the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kayal Liner in 001 Black and just line the outer 1/3 of my lash line with it for some definition again but still keeping the inner half free of dark colours.
If I really want my eyes to still look bright even while wearing a dark smokey eye I sometimes take the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in ‘002 Bulletproof Beige’ and apply this to my inner corner to really brighten it.
I then simply curl my lashes and apply my favourite waterproof mascara at that moment.. it’s Maybelline The Falsies atm.
So that's pretty much it!
What are your go-to products for a smokey eye?
Or products that have a great lasting power for a night out?
Hope you guys enkoyed this post!
Love, Julie xx

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