My Go-To Smokey Eye

After posting my 'Everyday Summer Makeup Routine' and getting such a good response I though I would follow with my ‘go to smokey eye’. When I go out with my friends I tend to always end up doing this look as it never fails me, always looks pretty damn good and doesn’t fade or smudge throughout the night.
 The first thing I use to ensure all my shadow stays in the right place is a cream shadow, this is the Rimmel London Stir It Up shadow in ‘800 No Way!’. I apply this light grey shimmery colour all over my lid. It’s a great base to apply all my other colours on top of.
Next I take this Colortrend duo in ‘Snow Storm’ and apply the grey colour on the outer 2/3’s of my lid. I keep the inner corner and part of the lid free of dark colours as I want my eyes to still look open and bright.
 Now to add some definition to my eye I take my MUA individual shadow in 'Shade 15', which is a matte black and apply it to my crease and blend it over the outer 1/3 of my lid. This also darkens the whole outer half of my eyes. I personally like having a matte black shadow in individual form so its easy to travel with to add definition to any look or to use in place of liner. I highly recommend this MUA one as its only £1 and it extremely pigmented.
 To add that brightness to the inner part of my eyes I take this MeMeMe metallic duo in ‘2 Champagne Rose’, I apply the shimmery/frosty light champagne colour to the inner part of the eye and blend it with the grey colour. Also to highlight under my brow I take the white colour from the Colortrend duo, since it’s matte and I personally don’t like a shimmery brow highlight.
Now for liner. Since the shadows are all very blended and smudgey I like to use my L'oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer in ‘Black Vinyl’ to do a thin line just along my lash line to add fullness to my lashes. I love this liner, its super black and easy to use! Definitely check it out if you haven’t or are looking for a new inexpensive liquid liner. For my lower lashes I take the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kayal Liner in 001 Black and just line the outer 1/3 of my lash line with it for some definition again but still keeping the inner half free of dark colours.
If I really want my eyes to still look bright even while wearing a dark smokey eye I sometimes take the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in ‘002 Bulletproof Beige’ and apply this to my inner corner to really brighten it.
I then simply curl my lashes and apply my favourite waterproof mascara at that moment.. it’s Maybelline The Falsies atm.
So that's pretty much it!
What are your go-to products for a smokey eye?
Or products that have a great lasting power for a night out?
Hope you guys enkoyed this post!
Love, Julie xx


How I Store My Makeup Brushes


There are many different ways people store their makeup/hair products and all the tools. This is just a quick post to show how I like to store my makeup brushes, which is super easy but I personally really like how it looks sitting on my desk.
Many websites and stores sell containers specifically marketed for brush storage but I just used 2 different mugs that I owned but didn’t like to drink from. The first I use is a Kate and William wedding mug I got from Jack Wills back during the royal wedding. I keep all my face brushes here since it's the tallest and holds them all perfectly.
The second is a small Hello Kitty mug I received for Christmas last year from Urban Outfitters. I keep all my other brushes here like for eyeshadow. I love this mug it’s so cute but too small for my to use for tea :(

The final little pot I use isn’t for brushes but where I keep all my lip products/chapsticks, I like to always have them on hand since I use them every morning and night. I honestly can’t remember where I got this from but it’s just a little pink pot with a black ribbon tied around it. Nothing special, similar things can be found in places like Poundland.
Neither mugs are still available but similar things can be found on the websites.
How do you store your brushes?
Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Love, Julie xx