New | Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Products

Recently I’ve been trying out new products from some new spring collections that different brands have been coming out with but there’s been one clear winner with their new releases. Rimmel London has had some superrrr great new products recently and this post is going to be about my 2 new favourite eye products!
Both products are from the new Scandal Eyes range.
The first is waterproof kohl eyeliner. I have a real problem with finding eyeliners that actually stay on my eyes without moving and smudging but Rimmel’s new black eyeliner has really solved this problem. It’s a super pigmented and super soft pencil that’s easy to apply and due to it being waterproof it stays on a considerable amount of time and that’s a real achievement especially on my eyes. Also due to the pencil having such a soft and creamy texture it makes it a dream to apply to your upper tight line and waterline so if you have difficulty with that definitely check this out! The eyeliner’s are only £3.99 which is a crazy price for such a great eyeliner so if you have trouble finding eyeliners that actually stay on your eyes I urge you to check this one out before spending a load of money on a high end brand.
The second product is the newest release from Rimmel and the Scandal Eyes collection. It’s the new eye shadow stick in ‘002 Bulletproof Beige’. It’s a beautiful light champagne colour that’s great as a base under any neutral eyeshadow look but my favourite use for it is for highlighting my inner corner of my eye. Just like the eyeliner it has a beautiful creamy texture which makes it wonderful to apply and doesn’t pull or tug at your eye whatsoever. They’re currently £4.99 at boots but I got mine on offer when they were first released for only £3.49 which personally I thought was a total steal!
Both ranges have numerous colours to choose from including some amazing bright colours whcih woud be great for a pop of colour in the summer time.
Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Julie xx


Lipcare Products


So recently my lips have been crazy dry and chapped which is not great when I want to wear lipstick, these are the products that have really saved my lips and the best part is all of them are super affordable!
The first is my Lush Bubblegum sugar lip scrub. This is a product that I use 1-2 times a week but can definitely be used a lot more. It’s basically an exfoliate for your lips that gets rid of all the gross dead skin without stripping your lips of moisture. It’s made with all natural ingredients which is always great, and comes in lots of different flavours.
The next product is Blistex Intensive Moisture, I apply this right before I go to sleep and only then as it is really moisturising. It’s also a thick white cream and stays white once it is applied to the lips so it’s best as an overnight treatment.
Lastly is my Medicated Chapstick, this is also very moisturising but applies clear to the lips. I put this on in the morning before I apply my makeup, then carry it with me if needed again throughout the day.
Both lip moisturisers have a minty smell and almost tingle the lips but not to the extent that it’s uncomfortable. I purchased both from boots and were less than £3 each. All these products together have drastically improved my lips and I urge everyone to check them out especially the Lush lip scrub.
Do you have any lip saviours you think I should try out?
Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Love, Julie xx


Spring Nail Polish Favourites

I'm so over winter. The beginning of March may seem a little early for a post about spring (especially with the weather in the UK) but I'm ready for sunshine, longer days and shorts!
These are just a few of my favourite spring nail polishes from my collection that I'm already wearing.
The first is an Avon colortrend polish in 'Very Violet'. This is a greyish-blue with purple reflects in it. I like this colour as it's different to many of my other spring colours as it's not a cream finish. It's also what I currently have on my nails as it's my newest polish.
One of my all time favourite colours is OPI's 'Pink Friday' from the Nicki Minaj collection. This is a perfect medium pink colour with a cream finish, which is my favourite type of finish (as you will see from this post). This polish does sometimes go a little bit streaky but it's worth working with as the colour's so pretty. It was from a limited addition collection but I'm sure you'd be abe to tract it down online somewhere.
Barry M have some great pastel colours for the spring but these are the 2 I have in my collection. The first is 'Berry IceCream', which is a light parma violet purple. It is again a cream finish but unlike the OPI polish it doesn't go streaky so it's quick and easy to apply.
The next Barry M polish is 'Blue Moon', this is very similar to Barry M's Blueberry Icecream but differs as Blue Moon has a very slight blue reflect in it which doesn't make it a cream finish. It's still a very pigmented colour, just like all the other polishes mentioned in this post.
Avon polishes are probably my favourite brand of nail polishes, all the colours I've tried have been greatly pigmented, don't chip easily and apply easily (except for one). 'Lemon Sugar' is the one colour from Avon I've had a slight problem with as it goes a little bit streaky but it's totally worth it as the colour is beautiful and makes your look tanner than you actually are (always a bonus!). It's also a really flattering yellow colour as yellow can sometimes be a hard colour to wear without it making your nails look gross.
The final spring polish I have chosen is Avon's 'Loving Lavender'. This may look similar to the Barry M polish but this polish is much more a true purple colour and is a good bit darker than the Barry M one. This again is a cream finish but doesn't go streaky and wears very well. 
I'm always on the look out for more nail polish colours so if you guys have any favourites, let me know!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post
Love, Julie xx