The Hunger Games

So yes I am aware I am a little late jumping onto this band wagon but better late than never, right? So like many other people I have developed quite a large obsession with The Hunger Games… This may seem like a little bit of a weird and rambly post but I need to vent my feelings towards this rather magnificent triology somewhere!
I’m letting you know now beforehand that this post may include some spoilers so I would advise you to stop reading if you are currently reading the books and don’t want to spoil it for yourself (you have been warned!)
Please give me some feed back on these points I am going to mention so I know  I’m not the only crazy person who feels so strongly about them or if I am just a very hard person to please…
This may be an extreme comment to make but – anyone else disappointed with the ending..? Don’t get me wrong it was an amazing trilogy but, seriously, it deserved a better, much more descriptive ending in my opinion?
And honestly I was truly heart broken when Finnick was killed, it was so sudden then forgotten about when I felt he became a character the reader connected with so much.. Then as if that wasn’t enough heart ache, Prim being killed.. I almost couldn’t contain my anger when this happened!
Personally I also didn’t like that Gale and Katniss’ mother just left and we never really heard what happened to them at the end. Overall though – and minus these few heart breaking moments, the books are now, without a doubt, the best books I have ever read and it will be very hard in my opinion for anything else to ever beat them. As long as the movies stay true to the books and they do as good a job at casting the other characters as they did in the first movie (Josh Hutcherson <3) then I believe I could now have my new favourite movies of all time too!
If you haven’t already read the books and STRONGLY advise you to do so as I promise that you will not be disappointed.
Only 1 year and 2 months to wait until Catching Fire hits the cinemas!
Are you as excited for it as I am?
Love, Julie x


  1. I absolutely HATED finnick's death. After we'd just got so close to him when Katniss spent time with him. We'd just found out so much about him, seen behind the unnecessary charm and understood his relationship with Annie and then she just got rid of him. Like that. And he was completely ignored for the rest of the book. Horrible.

    Otherwise, I love the hunger games too!

    Evie xxx

  2. Also, it's being released in November this year isn't it? That's only two months right? If not, I'm going to die!

    1. I KNOW exactly!! Was so heart breaking :( Also not a big fan of the guy who's playing him in the movie, should have been Grant Gustin... Yep, can't wait

    2. Really? I've not seen Sam Claflin in anything else but I think he's gorgeous! He has these adorable little dimples! So cute! And I'm pretty sure he's British and honestly, that alone makes me happy haha! Not that I've got anything against any other country it's just nice to know people from our tiny little country make it!

    3. I like him as an actor just not as Finnick, I'm sure he'll play it well though but Grant is my love haha

    4. Haha! He's certainly easy on the eye ;) I plan on doing some kind of review on my blog once catching fire comes out. Maybe before - reviewing the trilogy? I think it'd be pretty cool to see your opinion too! Check out my blog. Once I wrote it i could give a link to your post on it? If you wanted to write one of course! Lets follow each other, let me know in my blog if you'd be interested!

    5. Yeah both doing a review on the movie would be such a good idea! Will do :)