Black on Black on Black || 12 Days of Christmas

Like I mentioned in my previous post HERE, I don't paritcularly wear a lot of colour and I dont think that's necessarily a bad thing. I wanted to share with you guys how you can wear all black and still look incredibe and make a statement. Sometimes I think people believe to be remembered they need to do something wacky or out of the ordinary to catch people attention but I don't agree at all. I like to look good but still be comfotable in what I'm wearing without feeling like a clown or people are staring for the wrong reasons.

Blake Lively
                          Vanessa Hudgens            Chloe Grace Moretz            Caroline Flack
                                                                   Millie Mackintosh
When wearing all one colour remember to include different textures to not make it look so boring. Both Millie and Vanessa wear fur which instantely makes the entire outfit more interesting. And Chloe and Blake both wear leather bottoms which acts in the same way, making the outfit make more of a statement. Blake also adds a scarf to one of her looks which adds more texture and layers to the overall look. Caroline shows off her legs and plays it up which slightly sheer sleeves to her playsuit. Chloe also has a beautiful cut out in her top.
It's also nice to see a mixture of casual and dressy, more glamorous outfits by just using the colour black.

Which of the looks is your favourite?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


  1. I love Millie Mackintosh's look, shes so stunning!
    Merry Christmas x

    1. Definitely my favourite from the MIC girls! You too :) x