Festive Nails || 12 Days of Christmas

So, I pretty much suck at blogging everyday, was so busy yesterday after school I didn't have time to get anything up, sorry guys!!
Anyway I thought I would share my favourite festive nails look I've come up with this year. It includes one of my favourite nail polishes of all time, Barry M's 'Raspberry'. And some Models Own glitter polishes.
As you can see when I wear glitter on my nails I only like to put it on the ring finger and thumb as accent nails. I first put on 2 coats of Barry M's 'Raspberry' to ensure a really opaque colour and base. Next I take the Models Own glitter polish 'Southern Lights' and apply this to the top half of my nail, then continue it until almost the bottom but a lot lighter so it looks like it's fading away. The chunkier glitter is Models Own 'Blizzard' and I apply this to the very top of my nails. I use both the fine and chunky glitter in  this order to create an almost gradiate effect.
What do you guys think of this look?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


  1. Aw this looks really nice and festive and the sparkle definitely looks best on the ring finger :)