Statement Stud Earrings

Recently I have a new found obsession and that is large stud earrings! I personally like the look of dangle earrings but I don’t like to wear them everyday so large studs are just as eye catching as dangle earrings but look a lot more casual and are great for everyday wear.
 This first pair are large white triangles which I thought would be great in the fall with other colours like burgundy and mustards. They were from Dorothy Perkins and were originally £5 but were reduced to £2 (bargain!)
I got this second pair for my birthday last year but I believe they were from NV probably for about £3. I like these during the summer as they fit in with the whole nautical theme that is always a huge trend each year.
The silvery/gunmetal coloured flower studs are from Primark and it was a 2 pack for £1.50. I like wearing these with quite a plain outfit as I feel like they add a lot.
The last pair are lilac triangles, also from Dorothy Perkins and were originally £4 but, again were reduced to just £1!!  I’ve probably worn these most out of all of the earrings as I think they are the perfect size. And since they aren’t one solid colour I feel they go with more things and don’t make as much of a statement.
I have also fallen in love with wearing my hair in a top nought and wearing large stud earrings. It looks like you put so much effort into your hair but really it takes 2 seconds and the large earrings make the whole thing look so put together!
What are your thoughts on large stud earrings?
Hope you guys enjoyed this!
Love, Julie x


  1. Love the little anchors, really cute. Great post!