How I Dip-Dyed My Hair Pink!

So for my first official beauty related post I thought I would talk about how I dip-dyed my hair! I decided to colour the ends of my hair pink for the summer, this is great way to make your hair super fun and colourful for summer but is easy to cut out once you get bored with it or need to go back to school :’(
I have dark hair so I decided to bleach my hair first but for a more subtle look you can just apply the coloured dye directly onto your hair if it is dark.
I bought a pack of 5 sachets of powder bleach from superdrug for £3.99 then the cream peroxide to mix with it for £1.69. I spilt my hair into a middle parting and plaited both sides then tied my hair with a hair tie where I wanted the dye to stop. I then applied the bleach and covered it with tinfoil. I found the easiest way the apply the bleach was by using an old comb to make sure I covered my entire hair with the dye.
After around 40minutes I rinsed the bleach out of my hair and towel dried it so it was still partly damp. My hair wasn’t completely blonde, more of a yellowy/blonde but I was too impatient to wait the entire hour but I knew the pink dye would cover it so it wasn’t a problem! At this stage I took my hair out of the plaits and put my hair back into its normal parting so I could see if I wanted to dye any higher pieces around my face.
After all the bleach was finished I split my hair into 2 low pony tails (so it was easier to work with) and applied the pink dye anywhere that was blonde. I found this part was easiest just using my hand with a glove on to make sure I got every bit of hair with the pink dye. The pink dye I used was by a brand called Paint Box and was in the colour ‘pretty flamingo', it was £8.95 and I purchased it from a hair dressers called Trade Secret. I then wrapped my hair in tinfoil again and left the dye on for around 15 minutes. I simply washed my hair after the time and dried it as usual.
If you would like anymore information on how I dip-dyed my hair leave comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.
Hope you guys enjoyed this!
Love, Julie x 

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