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 Today I wanna share with you guys the beauty products I'm currently loving and I highly suggest you check out!
The first product I wanna talk about is the Maybelline BigEyes Volum'Express Waterproof mascara. This is a pretty new release from Maybelline and I was skeptical to try it as I wasn't a fan of the original The Falsies mascara.(I know unpopular opinion) However I seriously love this! I actually just went and repurchased it today which I never really do with mascara. It has a bristle kind of brush as well as a smaller mascara wand to help coat all your lower lashes with mascara. It has great lasting power and applies so beautifully, I can get my eyelashes to almost look fake if I curl them before applying this!
The next product I want to talk about is Benefit's Brow Zings brow Shaping Kit. I'm a huge fan of the bold brow kind of look that's very popular at the minute. Before I was just using a dark brown eye shadow to fill in my brows but decided to ask for this brow kit for my birthday and it certainly hasn't disappointed. It fills my brows in perfectly, stays in place all day long and the actual products are really easy to use! If you are looking for something new to use on your brows I seriously suggest you pick this up. 

My final beauty related item I have been loving recently is white nail polish. It's a great alternative to the classic black nails for the summer time. I was obsessed with it last year and was pretty much the only colour I wore on my nails last summer and I'm loving it again this year. The one I picked up last month was just this Rimmel London 60 Seconds in 703 White Hot Love from the Rita Ora collection. There isn't much I can say other than is paint super opaque and evenly and dries super fast too. 

Would you guys like to see what clothing items I've been obsessed with are?
Also what products have you been loving recently?
Love, Julie xx

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