Youtube Style Crush | MarissaLace

These Youtube style crush posts have been something I've been doing for a while since I'm quite the avid youtube watcher.
Here are so of my previous posts:
Today I wanted to introduce you guys to MarissaLace. On all my other Youtube Style Crush posts I've focused mainly on their style and why I love it whereas I just want to focus on Marissa as a person.
Marissa is 21 and from California. She was primarily a 'beauty guru' but recently made the change to more of a lifestyle type channel and now often posts fitness and health related vids. Not only is she trained in all things hair and beauty (after recently graduating beauty school) so she actually knows what she's talking about she's a sassy queen with lots of personality.
Marissa's videos are full of her down to earth, incredible personality which makes them hilarious to watch no matter what shes talking about. Although her vlogs show this on a whole new level (TheDailyMarissalace) Marissa's vlog channel is by far my favourite along with her advice videos.
She's an incredibly refreshing face to see especially within the beauty community on youtube, she comes across 100% true and genuinely and that she's just being herself. Marissa's also really into thinking positive and going after what you want. She posts a lot of inspiration quotes on instagram and twitter and it's always good to be surrounded by people like that even if it is on social media. (btw she followed me on twitter not too long ago and it made my week!)
Marissa just seems like a seriously sweet, lovely person who makes great videos which are pleasure to watch. If you haven't already, check out some of her vids and I promise you won't be disappointed, she deserves a hell of a lot more subscribers than she has!
Ps. Eat. Breath. Bronze.
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


  1. it's always great finding genuine personalities on youtube, and we'll definitely be heading over and watching some of her videos.


  2. I love seeing youtubers with a real personality and aren't doing it for the popularity but for the enjoyment of others. I'm fed up of seeing people copying other youtubers. I'll definitely be checking her channel out sometime.
    Molly Louise Blogs

    1. I know right! Woo that's what I like to hear you'll definitely enjoy her videos! X

  3. Very good post,dear.Your blog is so nice :)
    Would you mind checking out mine and following if you like it?
    Keep in touch love!

    1. Thanks so much! Yes of course :) x

  4. Watching YouTube video's is the best! I look forward to it everyday. I'll check out her video's for sure :)


    1. Haha same! Wooo that's great :) x