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So recently my lips have been crazy dry and chapped which is not great when I want to wear lipstick, these are the products that have really saved my lips and the best part is all of them are super affordable!
The first is my Lush Bubblegum sugar lip scrub. This is a product that I use 1-2 times a week but can definitely be used a lot more. It’s basically an exfoliate for your lips that gets rid of all the gross dead skin without stripping your lips of moisture. It’s made with all natural ingredients which is always great, and comes in lots of different flavours.
The next product is Blistex Intensive Moisture, I apply this right before I go to sleep and only then as it is really moisturising. It’s also a thick white cream and stays white once it is applied to the lips so it’s best as an overnight treatment.
Lastly is my Medicated Chapstick, this is also very moisturising but applies clear to the lips. I put this on in the morning before I apply my makeup, then carry it with me if needed again throughout the day.
Both lip moisturisers have a minty smell and almost tingle the lips but not to the extent that it’s uncomfortable. I purchased both from boots and were less than £3 each. All these products together have drastically improved my lips and I urge everyone to check them out especially the Lush lip scrub.
Do you have any lip saviours you think I should try out?
Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Love, Julie xx

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