Youtube Style Crush | SarahBelle93x

So from the title some people may think this is a little bit of a weird post.. But I watch a lot of different youtubers especially the beauty and fashion ones as it’s a great way of getting fashion inspiration and finding out about great new products as well as getting real peoples opinion on them.
One girl whose style I have been in love with for a long time is SarahBelle93x. If you have never watched any of her videos I urge you too go right now and watch some because you will fall in love with her, just like me..
Her fashion sense is very put together and her wardrobe seems to consist of a lot of simple pieces which makes them easy to pair together. The way Sarah tends to pull an outfit together and make them more playful and fun is by accessories. By adding a scarf or large chunky necklace it adds more colour and seems like the way Sarah incorporates the latest trends into her outfit. And who can forget her ‘armcandy’, layering different fun bracelets with a staple watch.
 I think the reason Sarh's clothes look so great is because she has learnt what suits her body shape and even though her clothing items are simple the cut of them really flatters her body!
 One other way Sarah really sets off an outfit is by wearing classic prints like stripes and cheetah, and as they are classic they won’t ever really go out of fashion so you definitely get your moneys worth out of the item you buy.
And if you want to channel a little bit of Sarahbelle93x into your wardrobe all you need to do is wear something Lilly Pulitzer, watch her videos and you’ll understand.
Hopefully this post will inspire some people to check out some people on youtube and maybe find someone whose style you really love? Not all fashion inspiration has to come from magazines and runways..
Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and don't forget to check out and subscribe to SarahBelle93x!
Love, Julie xx

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