Celebrity Style Crush | Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been everywhere recently and it’s made me realise just how much I adore her style. I’m a huge fan of girly put together outfits with a touch of vintage and Taylor pulls it off beautifully.
Taylor is a huge fan of cute summer dresses which flatter her frame, pairing them with strappy flats or brogues. She gets the perfect balance between wearing dresses while keeping them casual for everyday wear.
Recently I have also seen her in cropped trousers, lightweight jumpers and brogues which is the perfect outfit for fall!
 Brown leather satchel type bags are an outfit staple for Taylor, they add that vintage touch to any outfit but look effortless and casual and are still the perfect size to hold everything you would need.
And who hasn’t noticed her new staple hairstyle of her hair pulled back into a ponytail with her fringe and pairing this with a perfect red lip. Could she be any more chic and classic?
Does anyone else have a little bit of a crush on Taylor Swift’s style?
Also don't forget to check out her new video for Begin Again!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Love, Julie xx

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