Quick Festive Nails | imPress Manicure

Just a little nail help here. I've always been big into nail polish, I own a lot but I've recently started to dabble with false nails a little more and I'm loving it. I tried these Impress press on manicure nails and was pleasantly surpirsed. 
'Rated R'
'Peach Shimmer'
When I thought of press on nails I saw the crappy little bits of plastic I had when I was younger that popped off after 10 minutes when I tried to lift something. These nails stay on super well even while I'm working wih jewellery and clasps all day and look like professional gel nails! I thought they were the perfect fix for your nails especially at this time of year if you have somewhere fancy to go or just want to feel a little but more polished and finished than usual. They take only a few minutes to apply and you don't have to wait around for nail polish to dry and pray it doesn't smudge while you're getting ready. They also come in some really cool designs and from tonnes of brands which I'll definitely be picking up! The 2 I show here are normally £5.99 and £7.99 for the glitter ones which is a little pricey to be wearing them all the time but a nice pamper every so often without the price tag of getting them done professionally. 

Have you tried any press on nails before?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie  xx


  1. I am rubbish with nails, really glad i found your post! these look great :) amazing review x
    you have a lovely blog- followed! x

    Wiyld - Find Beauty in Everything

    1. Aw hope these help! Thanks so so much x