My New Youtube Love | Carrie Hope Fletcher

For quite a while I've been stuck in a bit of a youtube rut, I'm subscribed to and love watching so many different channels whether they have millions of subscribers or a couple thousand. However when it came to British youtubers I was only really subscribed to the hugely popular channels such as Zoella, Tanya Burr, Marcus Butler etc.. I still love these channels but recently I've been branching out slightly. After Louise (aka a SprinkleofGlitter) showed Jack Howard in many a video I soon found myself watching all his old videos and really truly loving them. Jack is huge on youtube but his content was a little different to what I normally watched so I'd never found myself watching him before. He mentioned Carrie in a recent video and I wondered why I'd never checked her out since I'd known who she was for quite a while so I ventured on over to ItsWayPastMyBedtime, and oh my goodness... I had seriously been missing out! 
Carrie just makes me smile. She's truly a beautiful person inside and out. She could talk about what she ate for tea last night and make it sound poetic. I'm yet to watch all her videos (which I will get around to!) but so far my favourite video has been 'To My Sixteen Year Old Self'. It's just so lovely to watch and I may have teared up slightly.... Carrie makes it seem like she's only talking to you through the camera, like she's giving big sisterly advice which is hard not to adore. 
So far this is what I have learnt about her, 
     -she's extremely talented at singing and songwriting to name a few 
     - a Disney fan esp of Tangled (something we share)
     - a book enthusiast  
     - also a cake fanatic and tea drinker
And yes she is Tom from McFly's sister..

Ehm is there somewhere I can apply to be Carrie's best friend oooor..? 

Pleaseeeeee check out her channel if like me you hadn't before!! And if you're having a bit of a crappy day her videos will definitely work as a pick me up. 
(You should also check out Jack Howard too, he's hilarious and makes fab content) 

What's your favorite video of Carrie's you think I should check out?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx

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