Summer Songs

 Since it's now summer and I have a little bit more time get ready I like to put on my Spotify and chill in the mornings. (or whenever I eventually get up..) I thought I'd just share some of the songs Ive been listening to non stop recently, some are relatively new and some a throwbacks.
After seeing The Fault in Our Stars a couple weeks back I've since been listening to this song a tonne, such a great, up beat, happy type of song.
After hearing a tiny bit of this song on a Gabriel Conte vine and having it stuck in my head I had to find out what song it was. Since then this is the first song I put on when I'm getting ready, its so damn catchy! It also has a Spongebob reference and who doesn't love Spongebob.
I just think this song is kind of bad ass and I don' normally listen to stuff like this, so yeah.
Yes, I'm still listening to this and I'm still not sick of it.
5 Seconds of Summer are definitely one of my favourite bands and all their songs are super catchy but I've replayed this song a lot and I'm still not sick of it. Don't Stop is also becoming one of my favs.
This is just such a cute song with a super catchy and infectious chorus.
After watching Les Twins dance videos for hours one night on Youtube I became obsessed with this song as they dance to it sometimes. I also then noticed that Connor Franta uses it as his outro on his videos. It's just such a cool song I'll never get tired of hearing.
Just because it's a classic.
What songs have you been listening to recently?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


  1. Great tunes! I love the 5sos song.

    I've nominated you for the liebster award over at my blog, check it out if you like :) xo

    Molly Louise Blogs xo

    1. Thanks so much, I loved your blog just followed :) x

  2. I see we have a similar taste in music. Lately I'm so obsessed with Boom Clap, omg it's sometimes on repeat! I like Fancy, but unfortunetly I listened to it a lot and I'm not that into it like I was.
    Also in love with Sam Smith's Stay with me. I'm a little late to the party but whatever :)

    Mary x

    1. Yes I really like Stay With Me too, such a lovely song :) x