What's In My Bag?

I thought today I'd be so very typical and do a what's in my bag post! I featured this bag in my AHS Inspired Outfit post a few weeks ago, I picked it up not too long ago but since then I've been in love with it.
The bag itself is from Urban Outfitters and was exactly what I was looking for in a great everyday bag! It's entirely black with gold hardware, also has short handles and an attachable longer strap to wear cross body.
The first thing I keep in my bag is of course my purse. This one was just a cheap one I picked up from Internacionale a few years back and I actually really love it, I love big, wallet style purses.

This is just a small makeup bag from Primark I use to carry a few items in case of touch ups, it has an oil like coating which is great in case something were to leak it won't stain my bag! If you would like to see the products I carry in this makeup bag and my bigger full face one, let me know below!
I like to have a small pouch of some sort to put all the little random things you might need into instead of having them floating around the bottom of my bag. Here I have a nail file, plasters, paracetamol, perfume samples, a mini hair brush, mirror, a hair band and hair slides! Wow.
 An impulse body spray is a handbag necessity! I also like to have Soap and Glory's handfood in my bag to use after work since my hands have been sooooo dry recently especially as my hands are always in and out of water from washing peoples hair and what not.

Finally some random crap lying at the bottom of my bag; a lollipop I stole from work, a clif bar (which I love!), a penny and a pen.

What are your handbag must haves?
Hop you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx

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