American Horror Story: Coven | Inspired Outfit

Like I mentioned in my previous post I wanted to do a post dedicated to American Horror Story: Coven since I loved it so much. I decided on doing an outfit inspired by the show and more so by Madison Montgomery since she was my favourite character. (no surprises there.. hehe) Instead of going for a black dress and white shirt which many of the characters wear I wanted to incorporate something a little bit different and took inspiration from this look in particular.

 I really like the little bit of gold from the dress, showing Madison's glamorous and flashy side. And how could you forget some black knee high socks when it comes to a look based of AHS.
Also have to give my new bag a little shout out too, absolutely love it!! Only picked it up yesterday, one of my friends and myself decided on the name Madison for it which makes it rather fitting to be incorporated in this look.

Who's your favourite character from AHS?
Let me know what you guys think about this look and whether or not I should do more!
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love, Julie xx


  1. I don't watch American Horror Story...but I love you look!

    Sharlotte //

    1. You should definitely check out the 3rd season, thanksss! xx