The Carrie Diaries

So this is a little bit of a random post but one I have been planning on doing for a while. The Carrie Diaries. If you’re anything like me, a lover of big hair, bright makeup and New York then this is a must see show. If you didn’t already know The Carrie Diaries is a prequel to the beloved Sex and the City series and follows Carrie Bradshaw during her teenage years. The show deals with things from boys and sex to troubled home life and relationships.
 When Sex and the City was first released I was of course too young to watch but since then I have watched (and loved) the movies and caught a few episodes. Never the less Carrie Bradshaw, and SJP, are huge inspirations in style but also life in general. Anna Sophia Robb, a young 19 young old had massive shoes to fill (Manolo Blahniks if you will) and personally I think she did a fabulous job. Although there is only one season released (the second is being filmed, ah!) throughout the show you already see Carrie grow as a person, learning from her mistakes and trying to continue with her life after losing her mother. Also you can’t really complain about Austin Butler playing Carries’ love interest Sebastian Kidd, a bad boy expelled from his previous school. (Kiddshaw 4ever)
You can’t help but notice the wardrobe on this show, based in the 80s you know there are going to be some amazingly daring outfits. The incredible Eric Daman is stylist on the show not only did he work on Gossip Girl but also worked on some later seasons on SATC so you know the show and Carrie are in safe hands. The show incorporates all types of clothing from the 80s, the punk trend, bad boy biker type look, preppy, and just the crazy full skirts and mismatched colours and prints. And lets not forget Carries perm like hair, just incredible.
 If you haven’t seen the show already I urge you to check it out, also keep a look out for any similar tastes little Carrie may have to her older self in the SATC show. Check out the trailer for the first season HERE.
What did you think of The Carrie Diaries?
Also were you a Sex and the City fan?
Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Love, Julie xx

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