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So I've just been catching up on some of my favourite bloggers and decided to sit down and write about something I've been truly loving at the moment. I'm pretty boring when it comes to fashion, I love wearing black and any other neutral colours like white, brown and grey. Recently though I've had a particurlar love for white, even though it's no longer summer and heading into the colder, gloomier monthes. It's something I've actually noticed quite a few celebrities rocking but in particurlar Vanessa Hudgens, so I've decided to share some of my favourite looks with you guys!

A great way to wear white is to experiment with different textures to add more to a very simple top. Or like in the second photo white structured trousers are a little more daring but can look very sophisticated and elegant.
White really is timeless and can be styled to suit everyones taste in fashion. To me it makes any look more feminie, like the structured trousers which may look quite boy-ish otherwise. And looks quite sweet and delicate.
What do you think of these looks?
Do you personally like wearing white?
Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Love, Julie xx

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